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laptop memory upgrades made easy

We at Laptop Memory Upgrades UK believe that upgrading memory in your laptop can and should be easy and we intend to prove it!

We will guide you step by step through the entire upgrade process informing you of key facts and advice along the way, in nothing but plain simple English! Whether it's your first laptop memory upgrade or one of many, it's likely you'll find the answers you need in a way you can easily understand!

If it's indeed help you require then don't waste any further effort searching online, instead prepare to breathe a sigh of relief by following the comprehensive yet easy Laptop Memory Upgrades Guide. If you're left wanting further answers then continue by reading the Laptop Memory FAQ's and/or Laptop Memory Articles.

Should you be searching for how to buy your next laptop memory upgrade then we're here to help you do just that! We have partnered with various online UK merchants selling laptop memory within the UK and Europe. Each of these merchants have proven reliable and safe to buy from time and time again, in fact you may even recognise a few well known high street brand names yourself! What's more, some merchants offer Free UK Mainland Delivery as standard, while select others also ship to the European Union / Europe and to select countries Worldwide! To start buying without the fuss and at a price that's right for your pocket check out Where to buy 100% compatible SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 SODIMM memory or simply start browsing this website - we've made it so easy you'll likely feel at home right away!

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Not only for laptops per se!

Laptop Memory Upgrades UK may have you thinking we're all about laptop memory but truth be told this is only part of the story. Laptops are the most common type of mobile computer in use today. It's for this reason the website's name Laptop Memory Upgrades UK. It does not however imply that laptop memory upgrades are our only focus, we in fact also address memory for other types of mobile computers that fall within the genre of laptops (i.e. sub-notebooks, netbooks etc.). If you own one of the latter then we've got you covered! But wait! The good news doesn't stop there either - much of the advice we provide equally applies to upgrading desktop PC's!

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PC2700 333MHz DDR 200-pin SODIMM's

Looking for PC2700 333MHz DDR 200-pin SODIMM's for your laptop? Select the memory upgrade you require below and buy without the hassle!

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