Question: At what point does the cost of laptop memory outweigh the performance benefits?

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Such question needs to be answered within the specific context in which it stems from. Let's take a closer look at this. In a general context the above statement is true, i.e. yes going beyond a certain healthy amount of laptop memory will not offer tangible improvements in performance. Notice that the "in general" means just that and any specific context will likely yield the opposite.

Here's a real life example, if John only uses his laptop for general office work and perhaps the odd game or two in his spare time then up to 4GB of laptop memory is likely sufficient. Going beyond this amount will offer very minor performance gains if at all. Brian on the other hand uses his laptop professionally for graphics work, he's a graphics designer hence makes heavy use of a software package such as Adobe Photoshop. In the latter case, Brian would most surely benefit by having a very large amount of laptop memory installed (in a modern laptop), this is especially true if he manipulates large graphic files or many of them at the same time. Even if the cost of Brian adding more memory is exponential, it still yields him more performance and allows him to be more productive.

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