Question: Where are the memory slots located in my laptop?

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Depending on your laptop its memory slots will usually be located in either one of two locations, or in the case of some high-end notebooks in both these locations at once. The primary location in virtually all laptops is underneath so turn your unit upside down. Here you will find several bay covers, one of which is likely to house the memory modules. Should this not be the answer you need then another area to look is under the keyboard. Keep in mind that in order to lift the keyboard you may need to consult your laptop's user manual, usually a few screws need loosening before the keyboard can be lifted. Once inside, and this depends very much on your exact make and model, you may need to remove further covers and/or metal shielding.

It's worth noting that while most laptops support a total of two memory modules thus feature the same number of memory slots, one might be located underneath while the other under the keyboard. Some makes and models such as the older IBM Thinkpad laptops are an example.

Some high-end laptops that house a total of four memory slots will very likely require you to look underneath as well as under the keyboard. Should you not want to populate all four memory slots at once then you may be able to surface with simply looking underneath your laptop. This may however involve replacing the currently installed memory modules.

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